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Question Room is a game in which two players play the roles of a Suspect and his Interrogator in an interrogation session that’s running against the clock. 

The interrogator needs to find out the crucial information to prevent the death of people while the suspect needs to be considered innocent.

The game is meant to be a light RPG, so what’s important while playing it is to create a narration, to enjoy playing your role and have fun. 

The game is mainly based on questions and answers, so it can be played sitting in the same room or via video-conference.

All you need to play the game is:

  • A copy of the .pdf file, printed or digital.
  • A couple of dice.
  • Pen and paper.

Game duration:

  • 20 mins for a rushed interrogation.
  • 45 mins ideal.
  • 60 mins or above if you like dramatization a lot.


★ Brazilian Portuguese  version added: Muito Obrigado, kind stranger! ★ 


Updated version 0.0.4_EN: fixed one stupid line pf text missing in the description of the polygraph.


★ Japanese translation version added: Thanks a lot for the effort of Toshiya Nakamura (https://twitter.com/django88628676) for his awesome translation to Japanese. ★


Updated version 0.0.3 with some feedback applied: 

  • Game duration specified.
  • Missing rule specified in the 'Intimidation' power of the interrogator: the question cannot reveal the implication of the suspect or any of the goals.


QuestionRoom_manual_0.0.2_JPa.pdf 973 kB
QuestionRoom_manual_0.0.4_EN.pdf 697 kB
QuestionRoom_manual_PT.BR_0.0.3.pdf 731 kB


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Hi, I have just tried out this game. I like that the randomized objectives for the characters can lead to interesting constellations. But we had a lit bit of trouble finding out the following: When is a turn over? After a single question (which could break the flow of the game, unless there is an elegant mechanism)? Or after a collection of questions (which opens another question: Can the suspect switch between truth and lie, if they roll 2-4 on their turn)?

Hi, Timo. First of all, thanks for downloading the game and playing it. 

Regarding your question, it is a tough one and I admit I found myself in your same situation. I haven't prepared any rule about the end of the turn, precisely because of how difficult it was to determine it rationally. 

When I played, I left it to the 'flow' of the game (as you mention) and I let the narrative and the pacing take the lead in agreement with my partner. I encourage you to do it this way.

But if I'd have to rationalize it, I would say that the turn can be considered finished when the 2 players are satisfied with the answer provided.

Anyway, this is a quick project and I have barely playtested it. So if you have any idea or if you find a way to deal with this issue, I'm totally open to suggestions. If I try them and I see that they work, I will include them in future updates giving you credit.