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Welcome to the Blind Lady’s Inn

The Blind Lady is a mini role playing game focused on collaborative narrative. It can be played independently or as a way to  find motivations, traits, bonuses and maluses or creating characters for other games.  I tried to shape it as the place where the souls of the RPG characters go when they die in a campaign.


The game occurs in a fictional purgatory, the Blind Lady’s Inn, lost in the Páramo, a dimension apart from time and space. The eternal souls of the players’ characters take a seat on a table with their party and together they share cold drinks and stories from the unknown chapters of their characters’ lives. Eventually, a marshal of the Páramo, an Alguazil, will join a table and will judge the most important biographical deeds of those sitting.


Don't get scared by the size of the pdf, in it you will find:

  • Introduction for flavor and examples (pages 1 to 10).
  • Manual for the GM under the title "The Humble Guide for an Alguazil at the Páramo" (pages 11 to 21)
  • A section of printables (pages 22 to 30):
    • 9 Sigil Cards
    • 28 Graces' cards: 14 Curses & 14 Blessings
    • Table of Payments
    • Timeline Template
    • The Blind Lady's Drinks Price List


To play the game it you will need:

  • One set of sigils for every player (you will find it in the printables)
  • One set of graces for everyone (you will find it in the printables)
  • Scissors to cut the two previous.
  • One timeline for the GM  (you will find it in the printables) 
  • Something to write with.
  • A bunch of coins of any sort to play the role of the Páramo Rupees.
  • One print of the The Blind Lady's Drinks Price List  (you will find it in the printables)


I'm not planning to end up selling this game, but I would really like to complete it. So, if you try it, thank you very much for doing it and do not hesitate to send me any feedback that you may have. Any help will be welcome.

If you are interested, some of the aspects I'm already planning to improve or add in the near future are:

  • An example of a full campaign.
  • Some quick examples of setting + world timeline for the GM.
  • Adding and expanding on Omens.
  • Redoing of the final payoffs.
  • Having the Rupees working not only as counters but also as dice substitutes.




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